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Serving the Fox Cities of Wisconsin SINCE 1992

Jesus Vargas - Jesus is currently a senior at New London High School. He will be attending Fox Valley Technical College in the fall to enter the Fire Protection Program. He is now enrolled in the Grand Chute Fire Explorer Program. With the growing Hispanic population he looks forward to applying his bilingual skills to help in the community. His goal is to earn a degree in fire protection and also emergency medical technician certification. He is more than grateful for the scholarship that he is earning and he will take advantage of the opportunity that is given to him by the Mito Kudaka Hispanic Scholarship Fund.  

Rubi Paulina Navarro - Rubi is currently a freshman at UW Milwaukee where her goals for next year is to get more involved with school activities. She belongs to a group called Relay for Life. She hopes in her senior year to have an internship either here or abroad. Her goal is to major in biology and pursuit her dream in becoming a pediatrician. Rubi is awarded the McCain Food Scholarship

Tatiana Monterrosa - Tatiana will be attending UWGB in the Fall and will be studying Psychology. In the future she would like to be a psychologist, and work with the Hispanic/Latino community. Her main goal is to do well in college and graduate. She is also interested in law, and also considers being a lawyer in the future. Overall, she really enjoy helping others, and hopes she can do that in the future. Tatiana is awarded the Baskin Robbins Scholarship.

Jose Lozano – From a very young age Jose has enjoyed movies and their entertainment value and respects film and multimedia production as a genuine art form. As a student in UW Milwaukee’s film program for the past three years, his eyes have opened to the infinite possibilities and opportunities as a filmmaker and artist. He is also currently interning at Custom Reality Services, a virtual reality production company in Milwaukee. He is fascinated with human history, the human condition, and learning about the struggles that we have and face every day. He sees that learning about who we are in the real world as very important, knowing this is a big part of what will make him successful with film and media projects in the present and future. He is working hard to finish his schooling and putting his knowledge forward to better our world. Jose is awarded the Appvion Scholarship. 

Abraham Fernandez - Abraham moved to the US from Mexico when he was 2 years old and is currently a senior at New London High School. His interests are building, design, soccer and volleyball. He has been part of culture club and received an award for the annual Junta Latina host. He lives by the words of his dad that life has no limits. His goals are to attend NWTC in Green Bay to pursue an Associate Degree in Architectural Technology. After graduation he would like to transfer to UWO to pursue his bachelors degree. His dream would be to start his own business. Abraham is awarded the Casa Hispana Scholarship.

Alejandra Cruz Rodriguez - Alejandra's goal is to go to medical school and to become a pediatrician to help the young. She enjoys helping everyone and for them to be happy. She likes to read books, hanging out with her friends and helping others. Alejandra is awarded the Fox Cities Roofing Scholarship.

Diana Enciso - Diana is currently a senior at UW Oshkosh and will graduate in Dec. 2017 with a double major in accounting and French. While at UWO, Diana served as secretary and president of the student organization of Latinos, secretary of the student chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants, vice president of the accounting club, and is a co-founder of the French Club. Enciso also worked at the J.M. Smucker Company as an accountant intern, Baker Tilly as a Tax intern and 4imprint as a Business Intern. After graduation, she will be a tax accountant at Baker Tilly in their Milwaukee office. Diana is awarded the Woodman’s Scholarship.

Netzali Rojas - Netzali is a bio-chemistry and Spanish major student in the pursuit of a career in medicine. She enjoys helping others. She is thankful for the summer opportunity to give back as a health aide and to provide healthcare to those who need it. She is also a part InterVarsity and a firm member of Victory Church. She has come to appreciate and love the differences between different cultures and ethnicities and advocates through many clubs and organizations to educate others that we need each other to be a strong community. Netzali is awarded the Appvion Scholarship.

Gerardo Enriquez - Gerardo is a third-year undergrad at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying civil engineering and French language. In May of 2019 he expects to receive his bachelor’s degree in engineering and a certificate in the language. This summer he be an intern at Patrick Engineering, a national firm with offices held in Green Bay, Wisconsin. During the summer of 2018, he plans to study abroad in France. Aside from his academics, he will be trying out for the club soccer team at the university; with hopes of opening an opportunity to play professional soccer one day. Gerardo is awarded the McCain Food Scholarship.

Anette Gonzalez - Anette is a student at Xavier High School. She plans on attending Loyola University in Chicago. She discovered at a very young age she was very interested in all things that had to do with science. She always wanted to know more. While in high school her interest in science grew. She took classes in chemistry, human anatomy, and biology and decided to pursue a major in biology in college. She would also like to go to medical school to specialize in pediatrics, because she enjoys working with children, and seeing them grow. Anette is awarded the International Languages Scholarship.

Daniel Salazar - Daniel is currently a student at Appleton North and The Career Academy. During his free time he enjoys creating videography and photography. He really enjoys Business and being able to be self-employed. This year he has been attending an internship at Willems Marketing where he able to work on projects for the community or independent projects such as starting my his own business. Next year he plans on attending UW Oshkosh and majoring in Marketing, with a minor in entrepreneurship. He plans on networking and finding likeminded people to start a new business.  Daniel is awarded the United Health Care Scholarship.

Amanda Martinez – Amanda is attending UWO this fall and plans to major in Elementary Education and minor in Spanish. I spend most of my time playing soccer especially since she was part of the New London varsity soccer team. She also was an active club member at her high school for the past four years. She is very excited to become a teacher one day and to see what the future holds for her. Amanda is awarded the Latinos Express Scholarship.

2017 Casa Hispana Scholarship Recipients

Alan Cavazos Zamudio - Alan is a very adventurous person. He enjoyz going on adventures with friends to unexplored, abandoned places. He also loves playing soccer; soccer is a passion for him and his family. There is always soccer going on at his home. When it comes to goals, he wants to become an Orthodontist after High School. He would like to start off as a Dental Hygienist then do his Gen. Eds. After, he wants to enroll in the Dental Hygienist program and go on from there. He won’t be the typical Latino. He wants to make a difference in our community. Alan is awarded the Casa Hispana Scholarship.

Luis Jimenez – Luis is currently a student at FVTC. With previous experience in truck driving he is excited about the advantage he has as he proceeds through this program. He not only wants to complete this course, he wants to excel in the industry. His hope is this change in profession will allow him a more secure future. Luis is awarded the Thrivent Scholarship.


Oscar Tejada Martinez - Oscar graduated from Lithonia High School in Atlanta, Georgia. His main goal is to study software development at FVTC and get his Associate Degree. One of his personal goals is to inspire young Latino students to believe that everything is possible in life, and to take advantage of the opportunities that the world offers to their lives. He volunteered in a six week program at Appleton North sharing with young Latinos students about he opportunities beyond high school and helped them to choose the correct path in order to be successful. Education is really important to him because he truly believes it can lead to great opportunities in the future. One of his hobbies is playing basketball which he has been playing for several years in the Dominican Republic and Spain. Oscar is awarded the Woodman’s Scholarship.

Yesenia Carlos - Yesenia's goal is to attend NWTC as a full time student for the human services program because serving my community is my dream career. She wants to get an education in the human services field and to become a victim advocate because she wants to make a difference in people’s life. With her volunteer experience at the Golden House (domestic abuse shelter) she made a difference with the kids from the outreach program. She played games with the kids as well as different activities to set their mind off the trauma they had went through at a violent home. Knowing that she can make someone smile and make them comfortable brings her satisfaction. Yesenia is awarded the Green Bay Packers Scholarship.

Javier Gongora - Javier's main goals and objectives are to continue his studies at UWGB and also too play soccer while attending. He would also like to pursue a degree in physical therapy. He hopes to work one day as physical therapist to help people. He wants to live well and make his parents and family proud. Javier is awarded the Latino Fest Celebration Scholarship.

Diana Lemus – Diana is currently in her third semester of the Administrative Professional (a program that she is completely in-love with) at FVTC. Five years ago, she would have never imagined all the things that she would achieve until now. The experience of studying 10,000 miles away from homes has definitely made her grow and it has also made her realize all the things she is capable of. Every day she give her best and keeps working on a version of a better self so in the future she can serve of inspiration to others. Her biggest goal in life has always been to give back to people because she believes that even the smallest smile can make a huge difference. Diana is awarded the Casa Hispana Celebration Scholarship.

Fabian Salinas Arroyo - Fabian is a first-generation college student who is pursuing a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and finance at UW-Oshkosh. He hopes he can utilize his Spanish to help the Hispanic community by educating them about how to handle their finances. Outside of the classroom, Fabian is a part of the UWO Cross Country and Track & Field teams. He is also part of the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization on campus where he surrounds himself with like-minded and passionate entrepreneurs. This summer he will hope to apply is learning at his internship at Thrivent Financial. He hopes to set an example for his younger siblings by becoming the first individual in his family to graduate from a university. Fabian is awarded the United Health Care Scholarship.

Diana Hernandez – Diana graduated from Appleton East High School. In the fall, she will be attending UW-Fox Valley and then transferring to UW-Whitewater to major in Accounting. She hopes to become a success in the financial world. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies at the movie theaters, playing volleyball, and grilling out. She is interested in learning new things about her culture and the world around her. Diana is awarded the Appvion Scholarship.

Ana Cristina Lopez Camacho - Ana will be graduating from Appleton East High School. Her goal in life is to become a high school teacher with a main focus in history. She loves learning about history and all that it has to offer. She also enjoys listening to music, being with friends and family, volunteering and reading. One day she hopes to have an opportunity to volunteer her time in a 3rd world country. Ana is awarded the International Languages Scholarship.

Allison Rooyakers - Allison is currently a senior at Kimberly High School. Next year she will be attending the University of Iowa in Iowa City. There she plans on receiving a double major in medical laboratory sciences and Spanish. After that she plans on going to medical school to become a Pathologist. Allison's interest in helping others has come from her volunteer work around the community. She volunteers monthly through Loaves and Fishes. She is also a co-leader on the United Way Youth Board, and she is president of Kimberly High School’s National Honor Society. During her free time, she enjoys going salmon fishing on Lake Michigan, going to concerts and music festivals, and working at Capital Credit Union as a bank teller. Allison is awarded the United Health Care Scholarship.

Sofia Druckrey - Sofia graduated from Appleton North High School and is attending University of Wisconsin Madison to pursue a degree in biomedical engineering. A direct admit to the college of engineering, Sofia hopes to use her research skills to make a difference in the lives around her, all while showing the power minorities and females can have in a major with such a prominent white male population. She will be serving as a Minority Scholar for the class of 2021 at UW-Madison, and hopes to continue to educate others about the importance of diversity and cultural acceptance on college campuses. Sofia is awarded the Fox Cities Roofing Scholarship.

Alexandra Latimer – Alexandra is a graduate of Appleton West High School. She is currently enrolled at UW Oshkosh and is very excited to purse a degree in biology. She hopes that with degree she can continue her career as a neurologist at UCL. Her main goal is to study hard to finish strong in school, able to work and to give back to the community that has seen her grow. Alexandra is awarded the Thrivent Scholarship.