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Jessica Bañuelos is currently attending the Fox Valley Technical College for Web Development and Design. She arrived in the United States by herself, while her parents are still in Mexico. Her sole goal, to attend college here and be successful.   She focused on both English learning and work to pay for her bills. Jessica works two part-time jobs, over 40 hours per week, while being very successful in school, making it into the Dean's List and also The Society for Collegiate Leadership & Achievement. All 5 of her references have raving reviews, best exemplified by the following: "Her leadership abilities are natural and inherent. Her compassion and heart are what truly set her apart."
Jessica Bañuelos is a recipient of a  Casa Hispana Scholarship

Ximena Lazcano is graduating from Appleton East High School and enrolled at Loyola University, Chicago to major in Biology and minor in Psychology. She values the sacrifices her parents made to provide a better and secure future for her and her siblings.   She appreciates the importance of family and  is dedicated to volunteering in many community activities and organizations, sports and dancing. Dancing has been and will continue to be an important facet in her life. She is also a leader in several capacities: in class, at work and of course sports and dancing. She wants to continue making her parents proud as she takes these next steps in furthering her studies and leadership.
Ximena Lazcano is a recipient of a Thrivent Financial Scholarship.

Yecenia Hernández is a senior at New London High School and will attend the University of Wisconsin La Crosse to pursue a degree in Psychology. Her academic achievement in high school is outstanding, being an all A student throughout her whole high school career. This is matched by her maturity and level of commitment to family, when interpreting and translating for her parents and also when taking care of her younger brother with Cerebral Palsy. Yecenia does not shy away from hard work, instead embraces it and emerges successful through the experience. She is also very active in extra-curricular activities in school: Culture Club, POPS, Mock Trial, Math League and National Honors Society and active volunteering in the community: New London Public Library and Mosquito Hill Nature Center.
Yecenia Hernández is an award recipient of the Kudaka Family Hispanic Scholarship Fun.

Antonio López desires to become a prosthetist, to help people recover from injuries. He won a Casa Hispana Scholarship 2 years ago, and is attending the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point and majoring in Biology. He has been working since sophomore year in high school to pay for college, which takes a lot of his time when not studying. One of his high school teachers said: "Tony is an open minded young man who can learn from those he serves", referring to Antonio's experience volunteering at Inspire Sports where they help students with special needs participate in sports.  His passion for sports and helping others is evident in the career he has chosen.
Antonio López is a recipient of a Casa Hispana Scholarship.

Maria Padilla, a previous recipient of a Casa Hispana Scholarship in 2016, will be transferring from the Fox Valley Technical College to the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Since receiving the scholarship 2 years ago, she has maintained a 4.0 GPA and been recognized in Honors Society, Dean's List among other recognitions receiving her Associates degree in Business Management and en emphasis in Marketing. All this while keeping a full course load and working two part-time jobs equivalent to full-time. She is setting a wonderful example being a first-generation American college graduate in her family.
María Padilla is a recipient of a Casa Hispana Scholarship.

Jazmín Terán is a medical assistant working at Theda Care, who graduated from the Fox Valley Technical College 2 years ago, and will pursue her Associate's Nursing Degree, with the end goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. As a first generation Mexican-American and the only one in her family currently in college, she is not only very comfortable with multiculturalism, but also excels at helping others navigate and feel comfortable in such environment; achieving very high academic standards while going to school full-time and working full-time as well. Her commitment and hard work are valued, as a nurse at Theda Care stated: "Jazmin has been one of the best medical assistants I have ever helped train".
Jazmín Terán is a recipient of an International Languages Scholarship.

Maritza Magaña is a senior at New London High School, enrolled in the Psychology and Spanish programs at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Originally from Mexico, she arrived in the States at just months old to address a health issue, undergoing open heart surgery at only 8 months old. She is now a strong young woman who emulates the hard work of her parents, and has cared for her younger siblings since middle school. She has also focused on her roots belonging to the Spanish Honors Society and Culture Club. She will be the first in her family to go to college, continuing to be a role model for her siblings.
Maritza Magaña is a recipient of a Solea Scholarship.

Christian Aguilar Castro strives for "Scholarship, leadership, character and service"  which are the four pillars of the National Honors Society of which he is a member while attending Menasha High School, where he is a senior. Christian will now be attending the University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley pursuing a degree in biochemistry.  He is an inquisitive scientist, role model to his peers, and stand-out student, demonstrated by his academic record and his participation and leadership with Habitat for Humanity clean-up efforts, donating blood for the Community Blood Center (every 8 weeks) since he was 16 years old, mentoring freshmen to transition into high school and bringing back to life the "Spanish Club" at his high school.
Christian Aguilar Castro is an award recipient of the Kudaka Family Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

Katie Hoeffner is a senior in Appleton North High School, pursuing a degree in sociology at the University of Alaska - Anchorage. She is very aware of where she is, and has brought that awareness to where she is going.   Anchorage is home to the top most diverse schools in the U.S. (elementary, middle and high). Diversity will be a focus of her studies as the University of Alaska - Anchorage sociology program focuses on the importance of tradition within race and ethnicity. 
Katherine Hoeffner is a recipient of an International Languages Scholarship.

María Morales is a leader among her peers thanks to the efforts, trust and love of her parents. A quiet and servant leader, she is very active in her parish leadership group being recognized for helping others and being a team player, as well as an excellent role model, whom many peers seek for advice or just a listening ear. A senior at Appleton East High School she will be attending UW Fox Valley to major in education, because she loves being with younger children and help shape them.
María Morales is a recipient of a McCain Foods Scholarship.

Noel Flores Delgado, a senior at Appleton East High School, will be the attending the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee to study Architecture. His plan is to finish his professional Masters of Architecture. Noel appreciates sacrifice and values hard work; both of which he learned from his parents who migrated from small villages in Mexico. He is one of the first in his family to attend college. He had been selected as Appleton East's Rotary Youth Leadership Award candidate and has worked at Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction.
Noel Flores- Delgado is a recipient of a Solea Scholarship.

Nick Riva is a student at the Fox Valley Technical College studying Early Childhood Education and will be transferring to the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh this fall. His deep cultural and personal identities have been shaped by his mother, whom he calls a "strong and beautiful" role model.   He has demonstrated maturity and leadership with hard work and "a smile". He states "I keep a smile on my face, treat people with respect and bring joy to others". His leadership skills are well appreciated and Nick will continue to work hard and face challenges in a mature and respectful manner, as he has done all his young life.
Nick Riva is a recipient of a Casa Hispana Scholarship.

Mayra Pasayes is originally from El Salvador and has worked in education for the past 20 years, promoting the furthering of youth education (Hispanic and others).   Her leadership and support has seen her help develop many of her students into leaders of the community; and leaders in education (some of them present tonight). 
Mayra is an amazing example to her daughters, going back to school and graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Criminal Justice from Concordia University in 2011 and currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling Program with an AODA certificate.   She is co-founder of Latino Link and a tireless leader and advocate for youth, education and justice. She was recognized earlier this year as the 2018 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Educator Award. Mayra is the first recipient of the “Community Leadership Award” from the Kudaka Family Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

Valerie Mendoza is a senior at Appleton North High School and will attend the Iowa State University to study architecture. She credits her achievements to the love and support of her mother and older sisters. They worked hard and sacrificed, so she can focus on school and help at home. The wisdom of her mother's is reflected by her investment in Valerie's education. Valerie is embracing the opportunity to study architecture which pairs her love and skills of art, hard work, self-starter attitude and dedication. She has consistently volunteered at Riverview Gardens and Rebuilding Together which hone her artistic and architectural interests.
Valerie Mendoza is a recipient of a Casa Hispana Scholarship.

Litzy Pérez is s senior at Appleton North High School and will be one of the first in her family to go to college. Litzy faces adversity straight on supported by a caring and loving environment provided by her mom. Litzy is a role model to her younger sisters and quietly serves others (community, peers, family) in her unique leadership style.   She advocates for the learning of her peers; and is focused on learning and self-improvement.  Her commitment to servant leadership is demonstrated in her volunteering such as Summer of Service (a program from the Appleton Police Department), Student Leadership Program, and 100 hours of volunteering at Riverview Gardens all while holding part-time jobs. Litzy will be attending the Fox Valley Technical College seeking a degree in Human Resources.
Litzy Pérez is a recipient of a Casa Hispana Scholarship.

Karla Hiscocks attends Concordia University in Mequon, WI studying Rehabilitation Science to become a Physical Therapist. Her passion and commitment stems from her own personal experience when she needed years of physical therapy due to a severe accident. She is committed to a program which requires a Doctorate's degree.   In her experience shadowing a physical therapist she witnessed the care and compassion of such role, but also the cultural and language challenges to serve the Hispanic community. Her bilingual, bicultural experience coupled with her talent will be of service to our communities when she reaches her educational goals.
Karla Hiscocks is a recipient of a Woodman’s Food Market Scholarship.

2018 Casa Hispana Scholarship Recipients

Jorge Tenorio is a senior at Menasha High School and will be attending the University of Wisconsin Madison to study Biomedical Engineering. His commitment to education was instilled by his parents.. He has taken several advanced courses while in high school and a teacher commented "Jorge's commitment to learning is unequivocally above and beyond the student norm." He is also committed to service, earning the merit of Eagle Scout (only 4% of all Boys Scouts earn this merit). His voluntarism and leadership have developed in that organization, and have positively impacted the community.
Jorge Tenorio is a recipient of a Thrivent Financial Scholarship.

Maria Aldana values education and leadership. Her academic and leadership accolades include but are not limited to: being one of 20 Teen Advisors for the United Nations Foundation worldwide for the Girl Up campaign, participate in WISCI STEAM Camp 2017 in Malawi, Africa, member of the National Honors Society, Principal's Cabinet, Student Council, volunteer in several activities and organizations in our community. She leads by example and mentors her peers. One of her teachers states: "Maria also exhibits vital characteristics of a successful student in the 21st century. She naturally takes on a leadership role within the classroom". Maria has traveled all over the world and this is a focus for her as she is enrolled at the University of Wisconsin Fox Valley to study International Relations.   
Maria Aldana is a recipient of a Casa Hispana Scholarship.

Hezekiah Ortiz is a freshman at Lawrence University  majoring in International Relations. He has been working since an early age and contributing to the financial support of his family, something which he continues to do while being challenged by the rigor of being away from home, academic studies and university living in general. He has demonstrated leadership and compassion which is an inspiration for others around him to follow. We are sure his mother and other family members could not be more proud of him.
Hezekiah Ortiz is a recipient of a Casa Hispana Scholarship.

Dianne Douglas values education and learning and keeps motherhood, school and work are at the center of her life.   As a lifelong learner (in the broadest and best sense of the word) she understands that, with dedication, hard work and belief, life is about what one does now to create one's own future. Diana creates this better future by demonstrating a "strong work ethic and empathy for her clients, being a self starter" , "caring, compassionate and motivated to continue her education". Dianne is currently attending the Fox Valley Technical College where she is studying Human Resources.
Dianne Douglas s a recipient of a Green Bay Packers Give Back Scholarship.

Karina Cornejo is originally from Michoacan, Mexico and she with her family moved to the U.S. when she was only 4. She learned about hard work and dedication from a young age; First learning English and mastering it soon; taking Advanced ELA and AP English, finishing high school in 3 years and being in the Dean's List at FVTC her two years there where she is studying Interior Design. She is very committed to succeed in this profession, as she wants "to help Latinos in our community create the comforts of home" which many of us cannot yet own. Her hard work is appreciated by her professors at the tech, as well as at her work where she has helped them bridge the gap to better serve the Latino community.
Karina Cornejo is a recipient of a  Casa Hispana Scholarship.