Connecting Hispanics with skills and advice


Serving the Fox Cities of Wisconsin SINCE 1992


1. The recipient must be of Hispanic/Latino origin (50% minimum).
2. Applicant and/or parent(s)/guardian(s) must reside in the Fox Cities, Green Bay and Fond du Lac Area.
3. It is important that the applicant demonstrate:

  • Commitment to the pursuit of higher education.
  • Dedication to long-term community service and volunteerism. The applicant’s need to work to help support their family will be considered.

  • Evidence of applicant's commitment to serving the Hispanic/Latino community is deemed to be of particular importance but is not required of the scholarship applicant.

  • Academic achievement resulting from his/her ability to overcome family obligations and challenges he/she had to face and overcome such as academic hardship, family responsibilities, health issues, frequent changes of residence, language barrier, faulty school assessment of their academic potential, challenges posed by employment, and barriers the student has faced due to discrimination or other forms of abuse.

  • Interest in Hispanic/Latino culture.

4. Academic achievement and/or potential are central to the selection of scholarship recipient as evidenced by:  

  • Letters of reference submitted by teachers, counselors, coaches, school administrators, employers, volunteer supervisors who know the applicant. Letters should show how the applicant meets the scholarship criteria in the opinion of the writer. Specific examples are most helpful.
  • Minimum student grade point average (GPA) of C or the numerical equivalent. Please note that the GPA is only one measure of academic excellence and that it is only one of the criteria used by the scholarship committee in assessing one's academic performance. Equally important are the applicant's motivation, demonstrated improvement in his/her academic performance resulting from overcoming challenges and barriers to academic excellence,  and the level of difficulty of the applicant's coursework.